About us

Our almost 13 years of experience with railways allows us to successfully take on increasingly complex challenges and offer the best solutions in our field. Since the establishment of the company in 2006, we have continuously developed both ourselves and our range of services, and currently we are able to successfully compete as a general contractor in public procurement. Our partners have emphasized the quality, speed and professionalism of our work.

Guiding quality principles of the Polarwerk

The guiding principles are mandatory for all employees and partners working for the organization:

  • we offer our clients professional, fast and timely execution of work;
  • we adhere to the technologies and working methods agreed with the client when
  • performing the work;
  • we use reliable subcontractors for suppliers of materials;
  • we comply with all requirements laid down by laws and other requirements;
  • we analyze and improve our activities and processes based on customer feedback and employee suggestions.


The winner of the Developer of the Year 2010 was Polarwerk OÜ, which offers construction, repair and maintenance services on the railway and which has been able to perform increasingly complex works and participate in procurements as a general contractor.